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red carpetA movie agent is someone who finds and books work for actors, actresses, script writers, producers and the like. A movies agent negotiates with film studios or movies studios on behalf of their clients, in exchange for a fee of the actor or actress’s pay – usually around a 10% movie agent fee. These movie agents also usually negotiate with a movie talent agency, a specific movie talent agent or movie casting agency.

If you are looking for a movie acting career, you will be interesting in knowing how to find an acting agent, where to find an acting agent, and more info about the best acting agency.

oscarAs for locations to find a talent agent, you may be interested in some of the following:

  1. Movie booking agents in Los Angeles
  2. Movie booking agents in California
  3. Movie booking agents in Hollywood
  4. Movie booking agents in New York
  5. Movie booking agents in Chicago

Remember that your talent agent, film agent, movie booking agents, movie star agent or film agency gets a commission for coordinating and managing your career.